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There are few things worse in life than that feeling you get right after you hear "the crunch". The thoughts of "am I ok" turn to "are they ok" really quickly and then of course transition to....is my car ok? Then the fun part starts. As the rest of the world continues to live life, yours gets put on hold to take care of the headache of a car repair. We started in the business because we like cars and we love fixing them up. But the more cars we repaired, the more we realized that the real gratification comes when we know we've been able to help make the whole ordeal less stressful for you. So, if you need your "bumper fixed", your "car repainted", or a simple "dent repair";     We'd love to help! 

Chances are good you found us by typing in something like; "body shop in Ionia", "dent repair" or maybe even "fix my bumper". However you found us, your car doesn't look the way it use to and the thought of being without it and shelling out $500 bucks to get it fixed sounds about as good as a root canal. 

We know exactly how you feel.
So, we've tried to offer some things to help relieve a little bit of the stress.

  • Loaner Cars Available
  • We Come to You For Estimates
  • Payment Plans Available*
  • No Funny Business 

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For us, it's bittersweet that you're here.
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